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Tailored Light Spectrum

Custom designed light recipes integrated into our LED panels for maximum yield and plant quality.

Precision Growth

Can be controlled, modulated and scheduled to achieve specific goals - such as yield, flavour, colour or micronutrient growth.

Water Flow

Closed-Loop Irrigation

Recirculates nutrient solutions through a hydroponic system to save water and mitigate run-ffos. Saves 95% more water compared to traditional farming.

Automated Calibrations

Utilizing smart sensor technology & auto-dosing mechanisms, the system automatically readjusts itself to use the exact amount of nutrients necessary for plant growth

Farm Management System

On-Demand Performance Monitoring

Track farm performances in real-time while acting as a centralized controller to manage all farms through the cloud network.

Automated Smart System

Executes tasks and delegates farm responsibilities automatically and systematically.

Algorithmic Machine Learning

Perpetual growth recipe enhancement and optimisation through plant data extrapolation and analysis

Customized Hardware

Custom Design

Streamlined to suit the layout of the farms, built to be functionally elegant and reduce operational friction.

Controlled Remotely

Automated and IoT integrated, these hardware can be controlled and adjusted from anywhere in the world.

Scalable Vertical Stacks

Space Efficient Stacking

Over 90% space efficiency compared to traditional farming. Able to reproduce an acre’s worth of farmland within 320 square feet of space.

Proprietary Mapping Algorithm

Customized farm design for different crop types and available spaces through analysis of plant growth radius and thermodynamic flow.

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