At Future Farms, our mission is to season-proof the current agriculture challenges, by building decentralized, remote-controlled farms.

Endless customization. Infinitely scalable.

The Vegetable Co.

The Vegetable Co. emerged as a solution when people demanded closer, fresher and healthier vegetables.

Situated right in the middle of urban centres, we sell nutritious, pesticide-free vegetables directly to consumers.

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A box of mixed vegetablescross section of vegetable farming tray

Cutting Edge Technology Stack

Modular, automated farming right at your fingertips.

Through extensive Research and Development, we have designed and developed the ideal technology infrastructure for optimal vegetable yield and quality.

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Tailored Turnkey Solutions

Over 4 years of indoor agriculture experience has given us a holistic understanding of the sector at hand.

We are able to provide comprehensive solutions that fit different business needs with financial sustainability as our primary focus.

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wide view of indoor farm with rows of vertical farming stacks

“Indoor farming is the next frontier for the race towards Food Security.”

Our Projects Thus Far

Demet - One

Localised farming at its finest, the Demet-ONE is a 320 square feet container farm that can be situated on any space given flat land, water supply and a power source.

Compact and modular, this farm can produce up to 500KG per month and require only 4 hours of labour per day.

photo of a staff caring and maintaining health of vegetables

Seme - One

Our first farm within the indoor facility series. With vertical stacks going all the way up to 5 meters, this production facility maximises land efficiency to produce our current vegetable demand.

Situated right in the heart of Damansara, it serves fresh, delicious vegetables to the Klang Valley population.

A staff monitoring farming conditions with a tablet

Seme - Two

With 3 times the size and 5 times the capacity, the Seme-TWO is an improved facility completed in Q1 2023.

This farm has optimised designs from previous learnings while integrating advanced automation to reduce labour-hours and guarantee plant performance.

A simulated model photo of seme-two, which is a progression from previous farming models

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With 4 years of Indoor Farming experience at hand, we are well suited to provide you with your next Agriculture venture.

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